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Bear with us: We're reinventing an industry here :)

A little bit about Adalt.

Adalt was founded by Todd Greene, a lifelong agency and digital startup fiend.

He noticed something: agencies and clients looked at each other as necessary evils rather than vested, long-term partners.

He noticed something else: many businesses utilized digital vendors out of necessity, in order to understand and take advantage of new advertising technologies that left them behind.

But rarely did these vendors take the time to develop a thought-out strategic plan.

Strategic, effective digital marketing was out of reach for many businesses.

So he reinvented Adalt, and the digital marketing industry, by providing pay-for-performance strategy.

And now, because of Adalt, all businesses can have a vested partner think through the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of great brand-building and communications in the digital world.

Cool, huh? A strategic digital partner with the same revenue and business goals as you?

Let's talk: 914-260-9045 or our online form.